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Interstate Highway Collapse in Atlanta

Daniel Moriarty, Contributor

April 3, 2017

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Section of Interstate 85 on fire, before collapse. ATLANTA, GA (DeKalb County --> Capital District) -- An Interstate Highway collapsed yesterday in the heart of the city of Atlanta, the largest city in the state of Georgia. ...

Spring Sports

Yi Lin, Contributor

March 8, 2017

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Spring's not quite here yet, but you should already be considering a form of exercise for the season. Research shows that playing a sport, whether old or young, can help improve brain function, memory, and even intelligence. At...

Cultural Connections!

Jenna Mackey, Contributor

December 5, 2016

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Cultural Connections has started! Mrs. Pariselli is running cultural connections and it's amazing. The next meeting is December 6th, 2016. The connections are all about the world and people's culture. Even if you don't know...

2016 – 17 Fieldstone Yearbook

Emma Linhart, Contributer

December 2, 2016

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Have you ordered your 2016-2017 yearbook yet?  If not, yearbooks are on sale now for only $25!  It is the lowest price of the year and will be for a limited time only.  You can order your yearbook online until January 6, 2017 ...

Guitar Club

Gabrielle Hanson, Contributor

November 20, 2016

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Guitar Club with Mr.Tiberi has a lot to offer.  The club meets every Tuesday. If you are a new player or a not a new player,you can learn new tricks and or songs that interests you. Anyone can join if you own a guitar or not....

Red Ribbon Week

Emma Linhart, Contributer

October 30, 2016

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Every Fall, school districts all around the world focus on keeping young students away from drugs.  Fieldstone Middle School will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week from October 24 to October 28.  Students will all be given red...

Computer Club

Harrison Gerson, Contributor

October 30, 2016

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From putting computers together to learning about hard drives, it sure seems like Computer Club is the place to be. It meets every Tuesday, Period 9 in Room 120. Led by Mr. Biegun, the after-school club goes into whatever topics ab...

Want to play a Winter Sport?

Christopher Babcock, Contributor

October 24, 2016

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Want to play a Winter Sport? You can sign up on the new Athletic page for blue forms. The link is on the Fieldstone Middle School  homepage. Winter Sports options for middle school student-athletes are: Bowling, Swimming, Wrestling, ...


Builders Club!

October 24, 2016

Pink Out

Emma Linhart, Contributer

October 24, 2016

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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was founded in 1985 and is an annual campaign to raise money for research involving the disease and how to cure it.  Many businesses help promote the cause by hosting events and selling...

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