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FBI Director Fired

Daniel Moriarty, Contributor

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Former FBI Director James Comey (R-NY), reporting the Clinton e-mail Investigation to the Senate Intelligence Committee last October.

WASHINGTON (Capital — District of Columbia), D.C. — The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was fired Tuesday in the midst of growing mistrust in federal investigatory agencies.  James Comey (R-NY), is a Yonkers native who was installed as FBI Director after his superior, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, resigned amid a wiretapping investigation during Barack Obama’s presidency.  Comey has served since, and has conducted several investigations including Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, and most recently the Trump administration’s ties to Russia.  Comey is a republican, so many citizens believe he will not publish the true findings of the investigation.   President Donald Trump (R-NY) agreed, that a more reliable investigation could be conducted under a new FBI Director.  Several names have been leaked as possible replacements for Comey, including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ), who will leave office this June, Former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani (R-NY), Ray Kelley (R-NY), NYPD Commissioner during the 1993 WTC attack, John Pistole (R-IN), former deputy FBI Director under President George W. Bush (R-TX), and Andrew McCabe, the deputy FBI Director under James Comey.  Currently, Andrew McCabe has taken over as acting FBI Director, taking over all FBI investigations, including the 2016 Russian Involvement Investigation.  President Trump is expected to choose Acting Director McCabe as the eight FBI Director.

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FBI Director Fired